Cean is a service company specialized in consulting, design and store completion.

Since 1980 we interpret and anticipate the needs of our customers through a fully "turn key solution".

Your peace of mind is our objective

Opening a store means leaving nothing to chance. We are by your side right from the start in all the pre- and post- store-opening phases. This way you can concentrate on growing your business.

...Design and Services

The buying experience that helps you to sell

We have always believed in and invested in research and development through a future-oriented team with a lab, in which we can experiment all new ideas.

...Innvation and research

Buy your equipment from the experts

We can satisfy every need from the smallest to the most complex, from a simple made-to-measure shelf to the most complex industrial refrigeration equipment.

...Equipment and Furniture

We prepare you to deal with the most demanding customers.

Professionalism is a key ingredient to a store’s success. The Academy Market, the first training centre for the modern distribution industry, focuses on the value to the customer through a series of courses catering for all levels.


In the right place at the right time.

Our primary objective has always been the entrepreneurial growth of our customers. This is why we research and offer new commercial premises, which have been carefully selected, in which to open your new stores and develop your sales network.

...Premisies Research

We will make your idea take off. We will make your idea take off.

Do you have a business idea and you don’t know where to start? We have a plan of action made to develop your start-up.

...Premium startup