Cean | Progettiamo e realizziamo punti vendita e supermercati

Cean is an international company

Facing different cultures is a learning experience. A few markets are currently growing fast and steadily. Cean goes there, Cean team goes beyond borders. The real challenge for the future is to ignite changes

It is not merely a concept: it is an environment-friendly system!

A new year and new challenges ahead of Cean.
Cean conceives an innovative design concept: customers enjoy entertaining experiences in the world of digital technology

The first three retail stores

Cean conceived its first retail stores in China: the brand is Zhongbai Holding Group Co., Ltd. and the name of the retail stores is 'Theater'. Cean conceived the format, the visual identity of 3 stores of respectively 300 and 600 square metres and of a bigger one of 1,000 square metres

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An exhibition booth becomes a flag-ship

Cean presented its vision on the 'Made in Italy' food-retail sector on the occasion of China Retail Shop in Wuhan, China. A 100-square-metre booth that told about Cean engineering, design and implementation projects

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Welcome to Cean

We welcomed a 17-member Chinese delegation interested in Italian experience and know-how in the retail sector. They came to visit Cean premises, Cean Lab and Academy Market

To open to the world to nurture experience

We participated to the Chinese yearly edition dedicated to design and sustainability: an exchange between Chinese and European designers

Getting to know an outstanding market and a refined culture

Cean conceived 4 proposals for a new design concept for Nanjing Suning Commerce Group whose goal was to enter the food retail sector: the project transformed the store into the matching point between customers' shopping experience and their getting together

A crucial co-operation

Cean signed a co-operation agreement with Nanjing Hightone Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., China. Such agreement represented the onset for Cean to closely investigate and expand into fast-growing Chinese and Asian markets